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Fiscal Responsibility is the backbone of success

The math is simple: if we as a city want to accomplish all of our goals, build all of the amenities we want, and make the investments we need to make to close the opportunity gap, we have to stretch our dollars as far as we can. I’ve run a successful, profitable business, and I want to bring that experience to Charlotte’s budgeting process.

We can’t tax our way out of this problem, and a drastic tax increase is the wrong thing to do in the middle of a housing affordability crisis. Higher property taxes and fees hurt our seniors and any homeowners living on a fixed income. Instead, we have to be as responsible and as thrifty as possible with the public's money so that we can deliver the same level of service while increasing our focus in the most critical areas.

Additionally, if you’re paying more in property taxes this year, you deserve to know how your money is being spent and why it’s being spent. That’s why I support Participatory Budgeting, which gives you a seat at the table. We should never agree to a budget behind closed doors and without your input, because it’s your money.

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